Chronicle Counsel: Relationship strain during COVID

Bilson Law - Jacqui Bilson

Chronicle Counsel: Relationship strain during COVID

Solicitor Jacqui Bilson has opened a practice on the NSW Central Coast – Bilson Law.

The practice also services those in Newcastle & Sydney, with a distinct difference. 

Bilson Law provides a legal service where clients are listened to and empowered, working with them to ensure the very best outcome. 

Jacqui has experience in complex matters including where there have been serious allegations of risk and family violence, including Magellan Protocol matters*. Consequently, Bilson Law prides itself on offering a “sense of calm”, while their clients are “weathering the storm”. 

“I see the family law arena as an opportunity for clients to heal, a pathway to a new approach to life including setting boundaries, a chance for clients to refocus and embracing a new sense of self,” Jacqui said. 

Jacqui brings to the practice qualifications including both Bachelor of Law and Psychology plus a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.  

With 17 years of experience working with at-risk youth, Aboriginal and regional communities, people with disabilities and offenders including working with those in custody, Jacqui’s experience sets her apart from her adversaries. 

“As most of my work involves listening to clients, being an experienced and qualified counsellor definitely helps.  My in-depth understanding of the family law act and family law principles means I can focus on my clients’ needs. Thereby achieving their best possible outcome,” Jacqui added. 

“COVID has brought about a new set of challenges for families.  With separations on the rise along and increased mental health issues, the Newcastle and Central Coast areas need a compassionate family law service now more than ever before.

With so many people struggling financially with COVID-19 related job losses and pay reductions, it became essential for me to act. Now is the time to open Bilson Law,” Jacqui said. 

With these issues in mind, Bilson Law will provide their clients with ethical billing, which Jacqui believes is critical in the COVID era.  

“I believe that ethical billing is essential and will, I hope, become the norm as more clients speak up about their individual financial situations. Ethical billing is about being properly informed, for example, having aspects of the family law matter such as a Solicitor having to attend Court or to draft documents and so on, as a set and prearranged fee. There are complete transparency and a greater understanding and connection between Solicitor and client,” added Jacqui. 

Bilson Law - Jacqui Bilson

Ms Bilson identified a community need for a quality family law service with a core offering being compassion and empowerment. 

Jacqui hopes to connect with likeminded business owners in Sydney,  Newcastle and across the Coast. “I think it’s critical to build a network of connections, especially during these uncertain times, being able to refer a client to someone who is trustworthy and can offer a safe place to resolve disputes, is one of my goals for the business,” added Jacqui. 

Long term; Jacqui would like to see Bilson Law have the reputation of protecting and advocating for those in need in our community. 

If you’d like to learn more about BILSON LAW join Central Coast Chronicle as a business member and gain access to direct contact details, our event planning calendar and so much more!

Notes: *The Magellan List is a pathway established by the Family Court, for it to deal with cases involving serious allegations of physical and sexual child abuse. It has been operating since 2003. 


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