Chronicle Counsel: Small Business September

Small Business September

Chronicle Counsel: Small Business September

Welcome to a new month and welcome to our feature – SMALL BUSINESS SEPTEMBER!

This month we’re focusing on Small Businesses, according to local data*, there are 8,033 businesses that can be classified as small businesses on the Coast.

We know that running a small business can be one of the biggest challenges anyone will ever face and we know that staying on top of event planning, creating content and connecting with like-minded businesses doesn’t happen overnight.

That’s why we’re here to help.

If you’re a small business you can take advantage of our EXCLUSIVE OFFER – available until the 30th of September, we’re offering our biggest discount to date. 

Small Business September Offer:

30 days FREE off any package

Weekly Value Added Goodness updates (these include reminders for upcoming events from our members and thought-starter content ideas!)

Monthly member newsletter

A very generous 20% OFF any membership package


So why should you choose Central Coast Chronicle?

Because we have some of the biggest businesses who are READY to connect with small businesses, (remember many of these businesses were once small too!)

If you’re looking to see what’s on around the Coast, you’ll LOVE our calendar function, no more double booking of events, plus more content than you can poke a stick at (you’ll see what we mean when you sign up!)

Plus our influencer and VIP profile page, great for securing details of those influencers for your next event /function

And so much more!

To get started select the package that best suits you, then sign up using the code “smallbiz” to secure your 20% discount. 

I’m looking forward to seeing more small businesses on board this month!






Fine print:  Please note: Discount is not applicable to our “listing only package”. For all terms and conditions please read our User Agreement
*Data from .id Community Featured image by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash
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