Chronicle Counsel: How to save time when ‘gramming at an event

Chronicle Counsel: How to save time when ‘gramming at an event

I was at an event recently when one of the MC’s for the evening wasn’t sure of the event hashtag. (oops!)

I popped a note in my phone to blog about this very occurrence, and how you can prevent this from happening to you and your MC’s at your next event.

First things first…

Do your research, Google the hashtag/s you’re thinking of using for your event, see if anyone has used them before. If not, #winning! You can go to step two. If you’ve found a hashtag like yours, think about the ways you can localise /personalise your version.

Step two, now you’ve got your event hashtag, what other hashtags should you include? You should use standard hashtags that you’re using on a day-to-day basis and any hashtags that relate to your event or guest speakers /MCs.

Step three, make sure you get approval from any management regarding the use of hashtags and make sure you explain why you’ve chosen each one. Trust me, once you’ve done this once or twice, you’ll have a template document that you can simply copy and paste…

Which brings me to step four. How will you access these hashtags on the day or evening of the event? You may want to send an email to everyone in the company attending the event with the hashtags and ask them to save the hashtags in a notes document on their phone for easy access.

If you don’t have an auto-posting app, that allows you to save collections of hashtags (a very worthwhile investment!) then save to notes.

Once you’re ready to post on the ‘gram, open notes, copy and paste your hashtags and you’re good to go!

Make sure your guests know what hashtags you’re using – for guests cap the hashtags at two or three at best. Pop signs around the event with the hashtags (make sure there are no spelling mistakes).

If you’d like to use any of the images that your guests have posted using your hashtag, it’s always good policy to send a DM (Direct Message) or a comment first to ask them if you can use their image.

Hopefully, this helps with your next event and using hashtags. If you’d like more event assistance, why not check out the ways Central Coast Chronicle can help – click here. 


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