Chronicle Counsel: Gosford Sailing Club

Chronicle Counsel: Gosford Sailing Club


Gosford Sailing Club has been serving the community for over 85 years and now it is calling on your support to ensure it continues to be an integral part of the community for many years to come.

It is with a heavy heart that Gosford Sailing Club regrets to inform you all that the Sailing Club has been forced to temporarily close due to the worsening Coronavirus emergency.

The health and safety of the local community, including their fantastic staff, is the most important thing at this point in time.

As the CEO Richard Croker said “This will no doubt be a very difficult time for many of us. Although the message out there is to keep distance from each other, it isn’t to isolate ourselves from each other.

Just because you can’t enjoy a drink or a meal with your friends at the club, this temporary closure does not stop you from picking up the phone to check in with each other.”

How many of us when going through Gosford catch a glimpse of the beautiful boats moored at Gosford Sailing Club?

Last year before my Goddaughter left to work overseas for an extended period we had a lovely afternoon on the deck at the Sailing Club. The service was wonderful, the food delicious and the memories of enjoying an afternoon together overlooking those views will last for a lifetime.

That’s just one of many memories from Gosford Sailing Club, and while the closure is temporary, the enforced closure of Gosford Sailing Club will affect many within the community including their fantastic staff.

Your support will help Gosford Sailing support their staff in their time of need and put Gosford Sailing Club in the best position to come back bigger and better once this crisis is over.

If you can donate to their Gofundme page, please do so. 

For clarity, Gosford Sailing Club has been a long supporter of Central Coast Chronicle and for that I’m grateful.

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