Chronicle Counsel: Are you a Central Coast based influencer?

Chronicle Counsel: Are you a Central Coast based influencer?

What you will gain as an influencer from Central Coast Chronicle?


It’s a question that many influencers we’re speaking to ask us when we meet. For those unaware, one of the many services offered by joining Central Coast Chronicle is the ability to network. It’s a great launchpad for influencers to have the opportunity to network with businesses on the Central Coast to enhance both their own profile and that of the business they’re working with.

Here are some points as to why being an influencer listed on Central Coast Chronicle is highly beneficial.

Being an influencer with Central Coast Chronicle gives you the opportunity to connect with highly established and well-known businesses on the Central Coast such as Gosford Sailing Club and Hit 101.3FM. Both these businesses, with their existing high profiles, will benefit from having influencers on board to help enhance their profile beyond what they have already achieved.

Lead the trendsetters

Many businesses are starting to work with influencers as a way to promote their product or service. The trends show that instead of spending thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing, influencers are a great way to communicate messages to a specific audience. Capitalise on this trend, reach out to the increasing number of businesses listing on Central Coast Chronicle and get ready to raise your profile.

Build their profile through your own

Being an influencer on Central Coast Chronicle gives you the opportunity to easily access the contacts to the businesses you wish to collaborate with and the various events that are coming up near you. It’s not outside the realm of possibility to reach out to a business and suggest an initiative that will achieve a mutually beneficial outcome for everyone involved. Use the events listed to suggest ideas to a business using your profile.

Our Influencer offer:

So if you’re an influencer on the Central Coast, we’re encouraging you to take advantage of our special offer to join Central Coast Chronicle – you can buy a Standard Yearly Package at 50% OFF! 

Benefits include:

Ability to ADD events to our calendar

Ability to view events to schedule your event at the best time

View AND Add to VIP Calendar

View AND Add to VIP Credentials

Access to the Membership Database


Valued at $540 you’ll pay ONLY $270+GST for a yearly membership

(That’s equal to $22.50 a month!)

Simply enter codeword “Influencer” when selecting a Standard Yearly package.

Offer valid until 31/01/2020
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