Chronicle Counsel: Bilson Law offers tips to help someone in need

Bilson Law tips to help

Chronicle Counsel: Bilson Law offers tips to help someone in need

This time last year, many of us couldn’t have imagined what was awaiting us “around the corner”.  With everything from fires that were burning around the country, to floods,  and a Global pandemic reaching our shores. Not to mention the financial crisis that has affected so many lives, 2020 has certainly presented its challenges for many of us. 

Central Coast-based Family Law Lawyer, Jacqui Bilson has seen firsthand the effects of 2020 on families.  “I’ve seen a significant number of cases that can be tied to the effects of 2020. Being sympathetic to a client’s needs and situations can help in having a client open up to then having a clear understanding of their situation,” says Jacqui.

Now more than ever it’s Jacqui’s expertise in Humanities and Counselling that is proving to be an essential aspect of working in the Family Law arena. 

“Many clients arrive at my office feeling completely helpless, their body language says as much, before we’ve even said a word,” says Jacqui.

“By employing empowering communication techniques, I’ve found my clients have benefited from my expertise in Counselling because I was able to have a greater understanding and empathy to help their case,” added Jacqui.

Bilson Law tips to help

With this in mind and heading into the new school year (typically a stressful period for the best of us, pre-pandemic!) Bilson Law is offering their tips for what you can look out for with your family members & friends (and colleagues) who may be doing it tough.

  1. Is someone you know withdrawn and isolated?  Are they not as enthusiastic as they normally would be? Not turning up to events (even online events)? Look out for these signs of constantly declining invitations.
  2. Are they saying they are not coping? Perhaps they brush off the question of “Are you ok?” with a simple “yeah” and move on to another topic. Perhaps they are feeling overwhelmed with life pressures? Is their appearance a little different? Are they taking less care with how they look? Are they looking tired or more tired than usual? 
  3. Have they confided in you that their relationship is not what it used to be? Perhaps not directly, but they may be dropping subtle lines or “digging” on their partner? 
  4. Are they drinking alcohol more than usual? 

Jacqui Bilson of Bilson Law reminds us that having a conversation with a Lawyer or Counsellor is by no means an obligation to carry out any action. “By simply talking through your situation and what the possible outcomes may be can provide you with help and perspective you require.” 


If you’d like to have an obligation free discussion with Bilson Law, visit their website. 


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