Central Coast Chronicle is a website where members can access a calendar of upcoming events which will help businesses when scheduling future activities. The calendar benefits media in forward-planning interviews and story opportunities around these events.




The Chronicle includes a member database where members are able to connect with businesses,  media outlets, event coordinators, venues and a variety of creatives all within the one location.


If you’re looking for further exposure for your business or event, you can upload your media release to our media release page, knowing that media subscribers will see your release, increasing your chances of media exposure and interviews.


The Chronicle’s VIP page is for those identities looking to build their presence or expand the awareness of their activities.


Beyond the website, the Chronicle will also offer members weekly and monthly Public Relations, social media and event coordination insights, member profiles and the opportunity to expand their network, by connecting with other members.

Central Coast Chronicle is founded by Brooke Simmons, who owns PR agency Pursuit Communications. Brooke has over a decade’s worth of experience running her own business and sees the Chronicle as an opportunity for a multitude of businesses to collaborate and connect and grow.


About Central Coast Chronicle